1.  How do you accept payment?

Paypal or cash are my only accepted payments

2.  Okay, I’m all in…what’s the process?

Book a session by calling or email via this site. I’ll confirm I received your email, let you know my availability, and then get to work! If you need a rush put on edits after the session, please let me know as a rush will require an additional $30.

3.  I don’t want to look “airbrushed” and can’t stand photoshopping, so what can you possibly do for me?

My goal is not to make you look “perfect” and doll-like, but to provide a flawless clean image that is still realistic while carefully maintaining the imperfections that make you unique and beautiful. I want to make your photos look stunning, yet very natural and accurately portray how you look…what’s not to love about that?!!!

4.  Does that mean you don’t know how/wont do glamour retouching for me?

Oh I can make you look flawless, just ask and ye shall receive! Included in my Glamour retouch package is body reshaping, skin smoothing, hair retouching…all the great stuff that will leave you looking your ultimate best. Of course, it doesn’t have to be all one or the other… the effect can be natural beauty to glamour queen and everything in-between…you have options!

5.  My computer crashed and I lost all my photos!!!

No worries, I keep a backup of all the work that I do for at least 2 years, so if you lose some or all of your photos I can resend them.

6. This is my first shoot, can you help me with posing?

Of course I can. The difference in my session and let’s say a mall session is that we have time to correct and nail the shots to fit what you like LOVE about you.

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